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Address / Streetdata Database of Netherlands 2023

Address / Streetdata Database of Netherlands 2023

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Our Netherlands Street and Address Database, available in .sql and .csv formats, offers a versatile solution for various use cases. This comprehensive dataset includes the following fields:

  • CountryCode: The Netherlands' country code.
  • CountryName: The name of the country, which is the Netherlands.
  • RegionName: Regional names within the Netherlands (e.g., provinces or states).
  • RegionCode: Corresponding codes for regions.
  • PlaceName (City): Names of cities or populated areas within the Netherlands.
  • PostcodeName (Zip): Postal code information for precise location identification.
  • StreetName: Detailed street names for granular geographic data.
  • Latitude (of Street): Geographic latitude coordinates for each street.
  • Longitude (of Street): Geographic longitude coordinates for each street.

Additional Fields (for some cities):

  • LocalityName: Names of localities or neighborhoods within certain cities.
  • NeighborhoodName: Further subdivision of neighborhoods in specific cities.

Use cases:

  1. Address Autocompletion: Seamlessly integrate our database into your applications to provide users with real-time address autocompletion. Enhance the user experience by suggesting accurate addresses as they type, reducing errors and ensuring prompt deliveries.
  2. Address Verification: Validate and verify addresses for shipping, logistics, and customer database management. Ensure that your addresses are correct and up-to-date, reducing returned packages and enhancing data quality.
  3. Geospatial Analysis: Conduct in-depth geospatial analysis for market research, site selection, and resource allocation. Use regional and street-level data to make informed decisions.
  4. Location-Based Services: Power location-based services and applications, such as mapping, navigation, and location-based marketing, with precise geographic information.
  5. Logistics Optimization: Optimize delivery routes, plan logistics, and improve supply chain efficiency with accurate address and location data.
  6. Business Intelligence: Enrich your business intelligence efforts by incorporating geographic insights into your data analysis, enabling better strategic decision-making.

Important Note: Please be aware that our database contains a substantial number of streets, totaling 144,810 entries. It's important to note that this dataset exclusively includes street data. Highways, expressways, and other major roadways, such as autobahns and Schnellstraßen, are not included in this dataset.

Demo Dataset:

For your convenience, a demo dataset of 1,000 randomly selected entries from the database is available for exploration under this link. Please note that this demo dataset is not exhaustive for any specific region, and it is provided to give you a preview of the dataset's content.

Click here to see the demo dataset...

Why Choose Our Netherlands Street and Address Database?

Our dataset offers not only comprehensive geographic street data but also practical solutions for a range of use cases. Whether you need to enhance user experiences, verify addresses, or conduct geospatial analysis, our database provides the reliable and up-to-date information you require.

Leverage the benefits of our Netherlands Street and Address Database to drive efficiency and accuracy in your projects and applications.

Note: This product description provides information about the dataset's use cases, benefits, and limitations for illustrative purposes and does not represent the availability of an actual product.

About us

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